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Apple CEO Tim Cook reckons he works mostly on his iPad

How much of your job can you really do on an iPad? — Tim Cook recently said that he performs 80% of his work on an iPad—and he thinks everyone should do the same. But is that really realistic? Macworld staff find the answer depends, of course, on the kind of work you do. Perhaps Cook spends his entire day working in email and a browser. If that’s the case, the iPad could be entirely adequate … [Picture, above, from Apple’s iPad page.]

iOS 8 beta 4 includes new Tips app with quick feature tutorials — iOS 8 beta 4 brings a new app to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch called Tips. The application, as the name implies, provides quick tips and tutorials about iOS features [yay!]. The app will be updated on a regular basis with new ways to use iOS device features. Apple has also launched a Tips website (in beta) so these tutorials can be accessed from a Mac web browser. You can find a full gallery of the current implementation of Tips

iTunes Festival app updated for London 2014, brings new design — This morning, Apple announced a new iTunes Festival for the United Kingdom featuring over sixty bands, for September. The iTunes Festival app has now been updated to relay this information and exhibits the design style and iconography for the 2014 show.

And if you’re heading to London — PackPoint handy packing checklist app is now available on iOS. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your hotel for a trip, unpacking and then realising you’ve forgotten something vital – like your MacBook power supply! Packing checklists offer a good solution, but what you need for a business trip in the winter will be very different to what you need for a holiday in the summer.

Journalist picks up Galaxy S5, discovers it is, indeed, larger than the iPhone 5 — In a shocking turn of events that is sure to send ripples through the technology world for years to come, Business Insider’s Jim Edwards has confirmed that, as has long been rumored, there are smartphones out there with displays larger than that of the iPhone 5. [Yes, this is sarcastic.]

Quick and easy fix for Lightning port charging problems — Kelly Hodgkins for TUAW writes “Are you experiencing problems charging your iPhone or iPad using your Lightning cable? Before you toss away your cable or bring your phone into Apple for repair, you should take a moment and try this quick and easy fix that works for many people.”