Five Tip Friday ~ It’s hip to shoot square on iPhone

Square images are everywhere, and luckily your iPhone has the ability built right in, so check out these five tips (sourced from Macworld) that tell you how to do it well.

square1/ How to go square —  As long as your phone is running iOS 7 or later, you don’t have to go far for cropped shooting: the Camera app has a dedicated Square mode.

Just swipe once to the left from the main Camera screen to bring up the cropped shooting screen.

2/ The next step is framing your shot — When it comes to framing your square shot, it’;s a good idea (actually, with all shots) to use the grid. The Grid feature works in both Square and Photo mode and you can enable the grid at any time by going to Settings>Photos & Camera>Grid.) It’s really useful for lining up your vertical and horizontal elements and it shows the ‘rule of thirds’ intersection points for artistic composition.

In Square mode, the grid is overlaid in nine even boxes, allowing you to easily line up your subject matter.

When you’re shooting smaller subjects, frame them in the top or bottom thirds of your image to provide a stronger composition—especially if you have a strong environment that can provide contrast in its negative space.

3/ Centre — Since the square crop removes most of your extra composition space, some consider it a negative to have to cram their subject inside the frame. But the square crop really highlights subjects you want to centre in your frame; by providing equidistant negative space on all four sides, it places a strong focus on your subject.

4/ HDR — Your iPhone has other options for making your photos pop off the digital page. For instance, While shooting, you can use your phone’s HDR feature to drastically boost colours. [HDR is ‘high dynamic range’ – the iPhone puts together low and high exposure shots to get better definition through the dark and light ends of your image.]

5/ Noir — Another tip is to choose a filter for Square mode by touching the three-circles Filter button. I use Square also as an instant black and white mode, for instance, because it retains the last filter you selected.