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Apple responds to EU investigation into tax practices: “Apple pays every euro of every tax that we owe” — Following a report yesterday that the European Commission was about to launch a formal investigation into Apple’s tax practices in Ireland, the EU has now officially announced the investigation at a press conference. Bloomberg reports that the investigation will include not just Apple, but also Starbucks and Fiat Finance & Trade SA and will look at “whether the tax deals in Ireland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are illegal state aid.”

Apple may soon be able to repatriate its $100B+ overseas cash after Senate mulls tax holiday — If Congress delivers on a proposed tax holiday, Apple could soon join a slew of American companies with large dollar amounts of offshore money eager to repatriate their earnings without being subject to the current corporate tax rate.

iMac reportedly getting a spec bump next week, but no Retina model yet — According to a new MacG report, Apple is planning to debut a spec bump for the iMac lineup next week. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear these will be Retina iMacs (for which references have appeared in recent OS X beta builds). Instead, it seems we’re only due for a slight processor speed increase, with each model gaining only 100MHz.

The report speculates that the new models could include a new and improved Thunderbolt 2 connection, but there doesn’t seem to be any confirmation of that at this time. MacG accurately predicted the most recent MacBook Air refresh, so it’s a safe bet that these iMacs are coming next week.

A year after being announced, you can now get a Mac Pro within 24 hours — While you still may not be able to walk in to an Apple Store and expect to walk out with a 2013 Mac Pro, the US$3000 and $4000 base models of Apple’s professional desktop are shipping within 24 hours of ordering for the first time since launch in late December 2013. This includes shipping to Apple Retail Store locations for pickup. Apple, of course, previewed the latest Mac Pro model at WWDC 2013, exactly one year from yesterday, but it only promised then that it would begin shipping later that year. Availability has since proven to be a challenge for the ‘assembled-in-USA’ Mac line.

Foundation walls start to take shape around Campus 2 project as Apple permanently closes Pruneridge Ave — The first walls around Apple’s Campus 2 have begun to take shape, as noted by KCBS reporter Ron Cervi, in a tweet today. Previously, more photos from KCBS showed the site’s considerable excavation under way, and earlier photos from March detailed the demolition work of the former HP campus on the site, which was almost complete at that time.

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